Chris Rutkowsky talks Honor + Intrigue and BASH

• March 5th, 2013

It is our Honor to bring back Chris Rutkowsky, an old friend of Vigilance Press, to talk about his latest RPG endeavors! First we cover his current Kickstarter for the Awesome Power Power Suites (which you can find here), and then I talk to him in detail about the very impressive Honor + Intrigue! Tune and and check it out! This one is only an hour long... I promise! :)

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Beacon City Campaign Episode 06

• March 5th, 2013

The Lamplighter, Tempest, Jade Witch, and Star Child join forces to confront two armies with Beacon City trapped between them in this epic conclusion to "Season One" of our Mutants and Masterminds Actual Play series! James Dawsey GMs and is joined by players Jason "Doctor Comics" Tondro, Rick Jones, Lynn Hill, and Theron Bretz. As always, we welcome comments and suggestions below! By the way, at the start of the show I mention a potential run time. I was WAY off. The show actually runs about 5 hours... thanks to my awesome players for enduring the night!

Let the show begin!

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Mutants and Masterminds News with Jon Leitheusser and Christopher McGlothlin

• February 24th, 2013

Jon Leitheusser and Professor Christopher McGlothlin join James Dawsey to talk about the new Gadget Guides series, the upcoming Emerald City and DC Adventures books, and talk about the upcoming Cosmic Handbook book! With so much Green Ronin news, it's amazing we found time to get Christopher to talk about comics, but we couldn't pass up the change to let him educate us a bit more... brace yourselves, it's over an hour of awesome guest hang-time with two Aces of the Green Ronin crew!

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Rick Jones and Yad-Ming Mui talk SixGun and Convention Gaming

• February 19th, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! It's the Year of the Snake, and Vigilance Press is back on the air! This podcast covers our upcoming SixGun release (In final layout now) in detail, and we also talk about gaming at conventions and writing short-form adventures as compared to longer form adventures. Rick Jones and Yad-Ming Mui are my gusts. We also outline the publishing schedule for upcoming Vigilance Press releases. A new podcast should follow soon! Happy 2013 everyone!

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All-Star Writers Roundtable!

• December 8th, 2012

Tonight's podcast brings together Jason Tondro, Jack Norris, Rick Jones, and Aaron Sullivan for a powerhouse discussion on upcoming Vigilance Press products! We also answer some fan questions and discuss some finer points of GM'ing a campaign- NPC Character concepts, adventure design, and more!

(Unfortunately, I mis-spoke in describing the METAs project, it is in layout but the first issue will only contain the first collection of the original 30 slots that people bought. Sorry for the confusion! The other characters will appear in the coming issues, and anyone who bought into the project will receive the first three PDFs free!)

Also check our our latest Print on Demand offering from Create Space here: Black Chapter! (Also available on search for "Due Vigilance" and it'll pop up)

Sign up for our 4-hour Demo game at next week's here!

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AetherCon Special Podcast!

• November 24th, 2012

Tonight's podcast is an actual play session of Mutants and Masterminds recorded at AetherCon, an online convention using's virtual tabletop. The GM is Tolly ("Timeslip" from our Beacon City games), and James Dawsey plays "Bounce." Join our special guest gamers as we showcase characters from The Challengers as they face off with some dangerous members of Six-Gun! ''

Six-Gun is coming soon, but you can find The Challengers as a free download right now from our RPG store!

Enjoy the show! Let us know how you like this one compared to the usual approach to our games, I'm curious to see what the difference is between this session and our non-mapped sessions. Thanks again to Tolly for running!

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Beacon City Campaign Episode 05

• October 28th, 2012

Tonight's Actual Play for Mutants and Masterminds 3E contains the 5th episode in our Beacon City Campaign! Will Timeslip escape the clutches of the Oktobermen? Will the other heroes find their friend? What surprise villain from Green Ronin's Threat Report will make a cameo appearance? Find the answers in this episode! Three hours of Scintillating dice-rolling and rules lawyering! :)

New Links for external assets:

Tolly's Marvel Heroic Podcast site!

Michael Rees's Marvel Blog!

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Mutants and Masterminds Kickstarter

• October 20th, 2012

Today's Vigilance Press Podcast guest is Jon Leitheusser, who speaks to us about the new Mutants and Masterminds kickstarter project. We also discuss the progress of other M&M-related publications like Supernatural Handbook, Emerald City, and the DC Adventures Universe book!

Thanks to Jon for stopping by, and check the kickstarter out at:

(no, the link didn't get cut off, that's how it appears on Kickstarter's site!)

* Slight update on the info presented in the podcast. Jon and I spoke briefly about the "Character Promotion" reward listed on the kickstarter. Correcting our information, the characters will *not* have illustrations, they will simply be promoted on the M&M website. I do believe they will accept your own art if you want to submit art with the character, however!

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Lucien Soulban, Riddles, and prizes to give away!

• September 1st, 2012

In tonight's episode, Lucien Soulban, author of several Mutants and Masterminds supplements and many other wonderful things, is giving away three of his Mutants and Masterminds books to the first person who can answer his riddle! The prizes include: Hero High, Lockdown, and Freedom's Most Wanted. To sweeten the pot, the first two runner-ups who post the correct answer to his riddle will also get prizes. The second person to answer the riddle correctly gets a PDF copy of Vigilance Press's "The Oktobermen: Special Edition" and the third person to answer gets "Smoke and Mirrors." We will contact your email (entered when you respond to the blog post) for contact information to send prizes to the winners. Please respond to the post on our vigilance press website to be eligible! The correct address is:

Riddle Clues start about 15 minutes in! (that's also where we talk about the rules of the contest)

Jason Tondro co-hosts tonight, and we discuss all sorts of great things. Lucien Soulban talks about his career in RPGs and video games, and we talk about our favorite horror comics and how to run a horror game using superheroic protagonists! Tune in, and let us know what you think by replying below! Thanks for listening, and as always, Stay Vigilant!!


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Beacon City Campaign Episode 04

• August 26th, 2012

Tonight's episode of Beacon City has the heroes facing off with the Oktobermen to defend their new friend Tabitha Taboo, and also introduces "serial douchebag" Graf Goethe to the mix (pictured here).

Starring: Timeslip, Tempest, and Jade Witch. With appearances by: The Oktobermen, Graf Goethe, Tabitha Taboo, and Nero the Newshound!

Check out the artwork for Graf Goethe, Tabitha Taboo, and more here in the Black Chapter Gallery!

Find the Oktobermen here, in the Oktobermen Art Gallery!

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