All-Star Writers Roundtable!

Tonight's podcast brings together Jason Tondro, Jack Norris, Rick Jones, and Aaron Sullivan for a powerhouse discussion on upcoming Vigilance Press products! We also answer some fan questions and discuss some finer points of GM'ing a campaign- NPC Character concepts, adventure design, and more!

(Unfortunately, I mis-spoke in describing the METAs project, it is in layout but the first issue will only contain the first collection of the original 30 slots that people bought. Sorry for the confusion! The other characters will appear in the coming issues, and anyone who bought into the project will receive the first three PDFs free!)

Also check our our latest Print on Demand offering from Create Space here: Black Chapter! (Also available on search for "Due Vigilance" and it'll pop up)

Sign up for our 4-hour Demo game at next week's here!

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