Lucien Soulban, Riddles, and prizes to give away!

In tonight's episode, Lucien Soulban, author of several Mutants and Masterminds supplements and many other wonderful things, is giving away three of his Mutants and Masterminds books to the first person who can answer his riddle! The prizes include: Hero High, Lockdown, and Freedom's Most Wanted. To sweeten the pot, the first two runner-ups who post the correct answer to his riddle will also get prizes. The second person to answer the riddle correctly gets a PDF copy of Vigilance Press's "The Oktobermen: Special Edition" and the third person to answer gets "Smoke and Mirrors." We will contact your email (entered when you respond to the blog post) for contact information to send prizes to the winners. Please respond to the post on our vigilance press website to be eligible! The correct address is:

Riddle Clues start about 15 minutes in! (that's also where we talk about the rules of the contest)

Jason Tondro co-hosts tonight, and we discuss all sorts of great things. Lucien Soulban talks about his career in RPGs and video games, and we talk about our favorite horror comics and how to run a horror game using superheroic protagonists! Tune in, and let us know what you think by replying below! Thanks for listening, and as always, Stay Vigilant!!


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