Mutants and Masterminds Kickstarter

Today's Vigilance Press Podcast guest is Jon Leitheusser, who speaks to us about the new Mutants and Masterminds kickstarter project. We also discuss the progress of other M&M-related publications like Supernatural Handbook, Emerald City, and the DC Adventures Universe book!

Thanks to Jon for stopping by, and check the kickstarter out at:

(no, the link didn't get cut off, that's how it appears on Kickstarter's site!)

* Slight update on the info presented in the podcast. Jon and I spoke briefly about the "Character Promotion" reward listed on the kickstarter. Correcting our information, the characters will *not* have illustrations, they will simply be promoted on the M&M website. I do believe they will accept your own art if you want to submit art with the character, however!

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